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About Santa Fe for Santa Fe, New Mexico and Area

When you want to know Santa Fe, New Mexico

Overview of Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico is a vibrant and exciting city not only to live in, but to visit as well. The population of the city is 62 543 and it is the capital of New Mexico. With so many residents living in the city of Santa Fe, there are many different cultural groups among the community. Whether you are a permanent resident of Santa Fe, or just a tourist, you can enjoy the wonderful dining spots, the different businesses that attract travellers, and services that will accommodate everyone! Santa Fe, has a caring government that looks after the community's needs and concerns. Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great place to live or visit, so don't miss out on seeing this wonderful city.

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  • Population: 62 543
  • Population Density: 1 888.5/mi²
  • Area: 37.4 sq mi/km²
  • Latitude: 35.667231
  • Longitude: -105.964575
  • Weather: See Forecast
  • Elevation: 7320 ft
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time
  • Language: English
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History of Santa Fe, New Mexico

The history of Santa Fe, NM has a very exciting past. The city was originally the capital of Nuevo México and established in 1598. A site on the settlement, soon to be Santa Fe, was first introduced by Juan Martinez de Montoya in 1607. Then, in 1610 the town was formally founded which makes it the oldest capital city and the second oldest city that has survived. At first, the city of Santa Fe was used as an important stop to Atchison, Topeka. But once civil engineers decided it was more sensible to go through another town, the city's economy declined. New Mexico then became the country's 47th state in 1912, and Santa Fe was their capital.

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Santa Fe's Demographics

The population of Santa Fe, after the 2000 census, was 62 543. With that population, there were 27 569 households in the city. Out of those households, 24.1% had children under the age of eighteen living with them, 37.6% were married couples, 12.1% had a female householder with no spouse, and 45.7% were non-families. The average family size was 2.90 and the average household size was 2.20. Santa Fe's minimum wage is $9.50 and that makes it the highest nations highest.

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Santa Fe's Climate

In winter time in Santa Fe, the temperature usually ranges from a low 14°F to a high 40°F and in the summer time, a low 55°F to a high 86°F. Santa Fe usually receives about five inches of snow per month in the winter time and two-three inches of rain per month in the summer time.

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Education in Santa Fe, New Mexico

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, there are nineteen elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. The city is also home to Ramirez Thomas/Bilingual Early Childhood Center and SER/SFPS Career Academy. These schools are run by the Santa Fe Public Schools System. Post-secondary education offered in the city of Santa Fe includes the College of Santa Fe, Institute of American Indian Arts, New Mexico Academy of Massage, Santa Fe Community College, Southwest Acupuncture College, Southwestern College, and St. John's College.

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Transportation around Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe and its residents are served by many different types of transportation. The Santa Fe Municipal Airport serves the city, but because of the limited air service, most people prefer to use another airport. Santa Fe trails provides the community with safe and reliable public transportation. They have nine bus routes that travel throughout most of the city. The drivers of these buses are helpful and understanding.

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Tourism and Attractions of Santa Fe

While visiting Santa Fe, NM, there are many tourist attractions that everyone can see and enjoy. Visit downtown Santa Fe, and see sights like the Chapel of San Miguel which is the older church in the city, Barrio de Anaclo is the oldest European settlement, and Sena Plaza which is an historic site. There are also several museums located throughout the city including the Museum of Fine Arts which displays Southwestern artists and the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. The Santa Fe Farmers Market is an experience, you can taste and enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits. With these attractions, and so many more, Santa Fe is the perfect visit for families to visit historic and cultural sites about the city.

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Geography of Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico has a total area of 37.4 mi². Out of that area, 37.3 mi² is land and 0.1 mi² is water. Santa Fe has an elevation of 7 320 ft. With an elevation that high, it makes the city the highest located State Capital of all fifty. With a population of 62 543, Santa Fe is the largest city in Santa Fe County. The city is located in the northern Rio Grande Valley. Santa Fe has a nearby pine forest.

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Santa Fe's Government

The government of Santa Fe consists of a mayor-council format. The City Council is broken up into four districts, with each district containing two representatives. Santa Fe's government has always been about helping the community with whatever concerns or suggestions they may have to improve life in the city.

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Santa Fe's Economy and Industry

Santa Fe's economy has been largely based on tourism. Also, being New Mexico's capital, the economy has also been based on government in the city. Some of the largest employers in Santa Fe are the State of New Mexico, Santa Fe School District, U.S. Government, the City of Santa Fe, St. Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe Community College, and the Santa Fe Opera.

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Santa Fe's Culture and Significant Events

Ontario's Toronto is extremely multicultural and arguably the most ethnically diverse city in the world. Significant ethnic backgrounds in the city include British, Italian, Jamaican, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Latin American, East European, Oceanic and Arabic. Toronto also has an extremely artistic culture, with many extensive art galleries, musical performances and theatre and dance productions. Toronto is also home to many significant annual events and parades, including the celebrated Santa Claus Parade and popular Gay Pride Parade.

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Sports in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The city of Santa Fe, New Mexico has two professional sports teams. El Paso S'ol, formerly the New Mexico Style, play in the American Basketball Association and are going to begin play in the 2007-2008 season. The team plays in the Genoveva Chavez Center. Santa Fe's second sports team is the Santa Fe Roadrunners. They are a Junior A Ice Hockey team. The Roadrunners also play in the Genoveva Chavez Center. Each team teaches their players dedication to the sport and team work, the community backs the players to the full extent.

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Media of Santa Fe

Media in the city of Santa Fe, NM is very diverse. The city has two newspapers and one magazine. Santa Fe New Mexican is a daily paper that covers both local news, as well as international. They offer a great deal of information for the residents of the city and is owned by Robin Martin. The Santa Fe Reporter is a weekly newspaper that covers a wide variety of subjects, including news and entertainment. The Santa Fean is a magazine that highlights the positive side to visiting and living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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